Introduction of this site

You can post videos anonymously on YouTube.

You never need to fill in any personal information to upload videos.

We post your video on the isawdat YouTube channel after reviewing that.


  • By submitting your videos to, you acknowledge that you agree to YouTube's Terms of Service and YouTube Community Guidelines and the followings
  • We can edit your video. (personal information of others, inappropriate content, video of more than 15 minutes)
  • The video that may adversely affect minors cannot be registered.
  • The video that may cause legal and political problems cannot be registered.
  • In addition, if inappropriate contents are included in the management's judgment, registration is not possible.
  • Even if the video is posted on YouTube, the video will be deleted in the event of legal or political trouble.

Advanced Security

  • You can upload without leaving an IP by using the Tor browser.
  • The CIA in the U.S. is also using the Tor browser for anonymous contact.
  • It's simple to use. Install, run and access this site again.
  • But it's very slow.


After reviewing, We will post your video on YouTube.

Access ID, Secret Key

Record ACCESS ID and SECRET in your note. You never view this information again after closing this page.

This is required when checking progress on the Status Page.

It is also used to authenticate that you are the provider of the video.

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